image of swim-up bar sets basic standard and deluxe

Be the Rock Star of the Sandbar!

& Get Ready to make a lot of New Friends!



seim-up bar set up in water on beach with cocktails and boat on shore

Choose Your 'Surfboard' Bar Top

from the in-stock models shown below:

surfboard bar top yellow & bluesurfboard bar to blue & whitesurfboard bar top pink & white

Basic Swim-Up Bar (no stools or umbrella) $399-

Standard Swim-Up Bar (2-stools, no umbrella) $599-

Deluxe Swim-Up Bar Set (4-stools & umbrella w/stand) $799-

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free surfboard carry case with any swim-up bar order

BONUS! Order Right Now... and get a Custom Surfboard Carry Case

with any Swim-Up Bar purchase!

That's a $99-value!

Be the Rock Star of the Sandbar!

& Get Ready to make a lot of New Friends!

Also Check Out Real Shot-Skis!

real shot-ski downhill shotski cross country shot-ski and slalom water shot-skis

This is the 'Only Way to Drink Shots' Three @ a time! Three's Company and Four's a Crowd!

These Real Shot-Skis are guaranteed to have scratches, dents, chips. stains, stress cracks and holes in them,

that's because they are made from real, re-purposed, used skis.

Another thing is... you are going to be putting your mouth right where strangers had their feet. lmfao!

If the sound of that makes you feel uncomfortable, then grab your wine cooler and head for your safe space..

because you  probably don't do shots anyway.

You can also add decorations, team stickers and bedazzle it to make it your own if you like.

I will also guarantee your friends are going to love it and it will be the hit of your party or tailgate event!

Your Choice of a: X-Country, Downhill or Slalom Water Shot-Ski $99-

BONUS! Order Now and receive 50-Clear 2-oz.

Shot Glasses with any Shot-Ski order!

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